• Welcome to Tekken Warehouse!

    Welcome to Tekken Warehouse, following on the footsteps of what’s been done with the Mortal Kombat Warehouse, where assets from each game are presented as is, no resizing, no watermarks, in a simple gallery format. Often I’ve been told by people that they would love for each fighting game to have a site akin to MKW, to what I’ve always replied “yeah, I wish that too!” and “I’m too busy to do it”, well now I’ve finally made the time to do it for Tekken, I’ve been a fan since Tekken 5 and although I’ve never been good at the game (I’m not good at MK either lmao) I’ve always enjoyed the presentation, character design, music, animations and gameplay of the series. It would’ve been a smart move to make this website before the launch of Tekken 8 but I don’t have a time machine so here we go.

    The plan is to start with content (with a c) from Tekken 8 and then go back to older games, then move on to spinoffs, the goal of the site is to be as complete as possible.

    So join me in this ride of building this old-school style website that celebrates Tekken and its legacy, bookmark this page, follow on Twitter for updates, requests or reporting mistakes, if you want to support the page directly there’s links on the bottom of every page. And thanks to my Twitch chat for helping me fix bugs.

    For now, check out Tekken 8 characters and content:

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