Tekken 4: Bryan




Bryan realized that the end of his life was near. There was only one person who could change this – Doctor Abel, his creator.

But Abel abandoned him two years ago when the Mishima Zaibatsu recruited him as its top scientific advisor. Bryan despised the both of them – Mishima Zaibatsu, for taking Abel away from him, and Abel himself for abandoning him.

One day, news of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 reached Bryan, and he decided to enter the Tournament. Despite his impending death, Bryan’s body flowed with energy, making him more powerful than before. Along with this new strength, Bryan developed an uncontrollable rage that manifested itself in his outward physical appearance.

Bryan stakes everything on one hope – that if he defeats Heihachi Mishima, he would become the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. If all goes according to plan, Bryan would command Abel to modify his body, thus becoming the most powerful being in existence once again.


Following his victory, Bryan approached Abel on shaky legs.
“You’re still alive?!” Abel was in disbelief.

Gathering every last ounce of strength, Bryan knocked Abel across the room.
At the same time, Bryan fell to the ground unconscious…

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