Tekken 4: Heihachi




Two years ago, Heihachi failed to capture Ogre but his researchers succeeded in collecting samples of it’s blood and tissue. These in turn were used in an attempt to create a new life form by combining Heihachi’s and Ogre’s genetic material.
The experiment failed, however, and Heihachi learned that he did not possess the Devil Gene necessary to integrate Ogre’s genome with his own.

In order to obtain the Devil Gene, Heihachi searched for Jin, who had transformed into a devil during the last tournament.
During his search, Heihachi learned that the body of his son, Kazuya, whom he had killed 20 years ago, was stored at a cutting edge biotech firm called G Corporation.

Heihachi ordered his Tekken Force to raid G Corporation in order to retrieve his remains. However, the mission ended in failure, when Kazuya, revived by G Corporation, retaliated.

In order to create a new life form, Heihachi needed the body of Kazuya or Jin, both of whom carried the Devil Gene. After much deliberation, an evil smile spread across Heihachi’s lips. The next day, The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 was announced.


Heihachi did not kill Kazuya outright. “Come with me if you want to see your son,” Heihachi said, and led Kazuya out of the arena.

A few hours later, the two were deep within the Mishima Zaibatsu compound. A massive temple stood in the midst of a forest enshrouded in fog. The two entered the building…

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